1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Initiative Mission
We are excited to announce our the launch of our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative in grades 5-8!

The mission of the Young Achievers 1:1 Chromebook Initiative (i.e. one Chromebook for each student in grades 5-8) is to ensure that students have regular​, equitable​ access to the digital tools and resources that allow them to be successful 21st-century learners.
To reach this goal, the school will provide professional development for teachers and Chromebooks for our Upper School students for the purpose of expanding learning opportunities beyond the walls of our school.
We believe that giving every student in our Upper School a Chromebook to use in school will deepen the connection between the high-quality instruction our teachers deliver and the vast collection of resources, tools, and communities that exist in our children’s digital worlds. This connection will allow students to become creators​, inventors​, innovators​, risk-takers​, and problem​-solvers​ at a level not previously attainable without the use of technology.

YA 1:1 Chromebook Agreement for Families and Students

Please read and sign our YA 1:1 Chromebook Agreement for Families and Students and return to your child's homeroom teacher. 

The purpose of this agreement is to provide YA students and families with a thorough explanation of how our school will manage our 1:1 initiative, in compliance with school and district policies.  

The success of this initiative will be strongly tied to the responsibility, ownership, and pride that our students have when they receive their Chromebook to use within our school building.  While our school believes that technology use is critical to student success and needs to be part of the daily learning process, the ability to have a device in school is considered a privilege that our students should not take lightly.

This agreement also outlines the procedures and policies for families to protect the 1:1 Chromebook investment for our school.

Chromebook Care Insurance Program

Students and parents/guardians will be responsible for school-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other school-owned items such as textbooks, calculators, cameras or athletic equipment. The school will repair or replace the Chromebook, but students and families will be responsible for the cost of those repairs or replaced Chromebooks.

The liability on families/students can be reduced significantly by taking part in the Chromebook Care Program. For $29 (non-refundable) per year, per device, enrollment in the Chromebook Care Program will repair or replace the Chromebook at significant savings to the student and his/her family.

Choosing to enroll in the Chromebook Care Insurance Program is optional. We have chosen the Worth Ave Group as the insurance provider.

The website for enrollment is:


Payment is made directly to the Worth Ave Group, the insurance provider (not to our school). The cost of a new Chromebook is $281.  
  • If a family enrolls in this insurance program and Chromebook is damaged accidentally or is stolen and needs to replaced or repaired, than the cost to replace the Chromebook is $0.
  • If a family DOES NOT enroll in this insurance program and Chromebook is damaged accidentally or is stolen and needs to replaced or repaired, than the cost to replace the Chromebook is $281. (Repair costs vary based on the part.)
Contact: Leigh James, Director of Operations with questions at 617-635-6804 X 32436