School Forms


Every year, each individual student must have a completed Emergency Form on file in the school's main office files. All forms must be submitted no later than the second week of September.  It is the law, no child will be allowed to stay in school without this form. 

Please fill print Emergency Form COMPLETELY and return it to the main office ASAP. This information is important in the case of illness, emergency, or unscheduled dismissal from school. We are required by law to have at least one working phone number listed for each student.

Questions: Please contact Leigh James, Director of Operations at 617.635.6804 or


Student Acceptable Use Policy 

Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), page 42 of the Guide to the BPS.


1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Parents of students in grades 5-8, please read and sign our YA 1:1 Chromebook Agreement for Families and Students and return to your child's homeroom teacher. 

The purpose of this agreement is to provide YA students and families with a thorough explanation of how our school will manage our 1:1 initiative, in compliance with school and district policies.  

The success of this initiative will be strongly tied to the responsibilityownership, and pride that our students have when they receive their Chromebook to use within our school building.  While our school believes that technology use is critical to student success and needs to be part of the daily learning process, the ability to have a device in school is considered a privilege that our students should not take lightly.

This agreement also outlines the procedures and policies for families to protect the 1:1 Chromebook investment for our school.