Through grant support from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Young Achievers operates an extended learning day that adds 300 hours of instruction to the school calendar. Young Achievers partners with several community-based organizations to provide hands-on instruction and programming that closes achievement and opportunity gaps and helps students attain academic excellence. 
Boston Nature Center: Provides project-based science modules for grades K-4th grade. Modules include site visits to Boston Nature Center and science content delivered in classrooms in conjunction with teachers. 
Generations Incorporated: Trained retired professionals provide small group literacy support for K-3rd graders, helping students make the leap from learning to read to reading to learn. 
Community Boat Building: A Community Boat Building instructor is embedded in our 5th grade teaching team and supports classroom instruction and works with 5th graders in small groups to build boats on site at the school. Every 5th grader will participate in building one boat during the academic year.
Thompson Island Outward Bound: An Outward Bound course director is embedded in our middle school 4 days per week and helps deliver science content, in addition to taking the 5th-8th graders to Thompson Island throughout the year for hands-on science and leadership development. 
Harlem Lacrosse: Two coaches are embedded as support staff in our school, supporting 5th-8th graders with homework, leadership development, & college readiness through competitive boys and girls lacrosse teams and associated programming.
Science from Scientists: Scientists teach a 6th grade, hands-on science course that includes modules on engineering, anatomy, and dissections. Instructors are trained scientists delivering content to close opportunity and achievement gaps. 
YMCA of Greater Boston: Delivers a before and after school program for grades K-8 that emphasizes homework support, STEM, and physical education. Site director is embedded in Young Achievers and supports the school's recess program, too.