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Project Lead the Way @ Young Achievers

Each year, many of our middle school students are required to take a Project Lead the Way(PLTW) course. 6th-grade students take Computer Science Innovators and Makers, and 7th-grade students take App Creators. In both classes, students are challenged to be creative and innovative, as they collaboratively design and develop solutions to engaging, authentic problems.
This year, a group of 6th-grade students created a working prototype where they coded micro-bits, along with sensors to make a safer and more entertaining gym, cafeteria and main entrance for our school. In addition, a 7th-grade student created her “Say Cheese” app, which is a safer alternative social media app for school-aged children who may need help finding friends with similarities or who just want to communicate with their peers in a safe and fun way. 
This is a collage of the students presenting their projects at a computer science showcase for PLTW at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge.

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