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Key Metrics

Key Performance Metrics

How Are We Doing?
Our school has worked to identify key metrics that we will use to measure progress throughout the year. These key student learning data metrics drive decision-making and priority-setting at our school. You can view our school's performance as compared to district-level performance  by viewing the chart to the side (as of 11/30/18).
A guide to understand this chart and its data can be found here.
By sharing this data here on our school website, our hope is for families to have a more robust understanding of how our school is performing on a broad range of measures and as compared to district performance percentages.
We believe that access to this data will help families become more engaged in their child's education!

Questions? Please reach out to your child's teacher or our administrative team to clarify aspects of our school's performance that are most important to you. 
And remember - We Are YA!

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