I am thrilled to have a platform to welcome all YA students and Families to the 17 – 18 school year!
It truly is an honor and a privilege to be your principal. The mission for the 17 – 18 SY is to collectively commit to social justice through academic excellence. When we think about what this means for all of us as a school community, is that we must function as a team; a team with a common goal. It is a priority for all YA leadership and educators to push each and every YA scholar to his/ her full potential.
At school we commit to working closely with each scholar to get to know them, their individual needs, and their learning styles to ensure that achieving academic excellence is attainable. Our partnership with families is part of our belief that families and school are co – educators and not exclusive of one another. We look forward to working with you for the remainder of the year!
This school year our Instructional Focus is centered on helping students make a claim, support it with evidence, and provide reasoning. It is our goal to be intentional in teaching our students to see past the face value of information they receive by doing research and adding their own reasoning to determine whether the information is valid or not. 
At home you can encourage this thought process by pushing your scholar to respond to you with evidence in reasoning when asking you every day questions. For example if your preteen or teenage student asks to go to the movie with a friend you can ask them for evidence and reasoning as to why they should be able to attend. They can then provide evidence and reasoning by saying “I have done all of my homework, and proven I can be trusted by caring for my younger siblings, which shows I am responsible.” This is just one way you can push your student to develop a thought process that challenges them to see past the face value of information.
Finally, I want to close by encouraging you to please reach out to your child’s teachers to learn about how you can best support your child and teach us ways to support them as well. It's through frequent collaboration that our relationship as co – educators prepare us to run the same play book; running the same play book results in achieving social justice through academic excellence!
Your Principal,
Sean Guthrie