Mission: We aim to develop and support a community of lifelong learners, through technology-enabled curriculum, who can to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.

Tech Staff:

  • Deirdre Siegert, Technology Director
  • Leigh James, Operations Director
  • Jalessa Dennis, Media Lab Coordinator

Contracts for Student Internet & Computer Use:

  • The BPS Student Contract for Internet Use (aka the student AUP) must be completed and signed by all students and their parent/guardian.  
  • Contracts must be returned to the school before a student may begin using the Internet!
Hardware/ Infrastructure at a Glance:
  • Access: building is equipped with 52 mounted WiFi Access Points; all rooms can ‘hard-wire’ to the Internet
  • Macbooks: All BPS teachers are provided with Macbook Air laptops by the BPS Technology Office (OIIT).
  • Chromebooks: 300+ Chromebooks for use in grades 3-8
  • Tablets: 95 Google Nexus 7 Android tablets
  • iMac computer lab: 22 updated iMacs for use in our Media Tech lab
  • Windows desktops: 60 Dell Optiplex desktops in library, before/after school and K0 -  4th grade classrooms.
  • Audio/visual technologies: each classroom is equipped with a document camera, projector, projection screen, projector cart, listening center (lower grades) and stereo headphones
  • Printers/copiers: 11 Ricoh networked printer/copiers/scanners; at least 2 per floor.